Booking Conditions

I've described the booking conditions below so we're all on the same page and no-one is left hanging (which could be either of us). However, whenever possible I try to be flexible so everyone can be happy.


Madeleine Martin-Preney and I (Alex Geary)  have been trained by the ACMG to the highest standard of Ski or Mountain Guiding in the world, including reducing risk. While we would like to say we can guarantee your safety in the mountains, unfortunately that is not possible. What we can do however, is work together with you to select objectives and conditions where we are all comfortable with the risks involved, and maximize our chances for an amazing experience. The same is true for other ACMG certified guides that may be hired for various trips or courses. We may also bring a Tail Guide or Shadow on trips to increase safety and help their learning process.


Participants in all programs are required to read, understand and agree to the Waiver  prior to any payment. If you are a group organiser, this means everyone in the group. You will be presented with a paper copy of the waiver to sign when we meet in person. Please contact me by phone or email if you have any questions. (please do not print and sign the waiver yourself).

For participants in AST programs, an additional Waiver for Avalanche Canada will also need to be signed in person (please do not print and sign this either).

Some trips using helicopters, lodges or external logistical support may also require participants to sign waivers for those companies.


All prices are in Canadian Dollars. 5% GST is applicable on top of the advertised price, unless the trip starts and finishes outside of Canada.

Registration Form

Before sending any payment, please complete the Registration Form for all trips and courses, including private trips. This helps to make sure we've both communicated all pertinent information clearly. If you are a group organiser, this means everyone in the group.


Payment is required to complete your registration on all trips/courses.

E-transfer is the preferred method of payment (requires a Canadian Bank Account), or you can use the Paypal button on the trip page if available for trips under $1000 value.

For trips over $1000 value, a 50% deposit is required to complete your registration (unless otherwise specified). Any remaining balance is due 3 months prior to the program start to secure your spot (unless specified otherwise), or I reserve the right to sell it to the next available person.

If e-transfer doesn't work for you, you can mail a cheque, or request a link to pay with Wise.

Cancellation Policy

Once payment is received, it won't be refunded unless you are able to find a suitable replacement, in which case it will be refunded minus a $50 per person booking fee and any 3rd party fees.

In the unlikely event that I need to cancel a program for any reason, your payment will be refunded in full. If the scheduled guide is unable to guide/instruct a program, I reserve the right to hire another qualified guide to take their place.

If the weather or conditions (including smoke) aren't suitable for the planned trip/objectives, we may come up with alternate plans/objectives. Refunds will not be available, so trip cancellation insurance is recommended.


It is strongly recommended that you purchase travel insurance, rescue insurance, medical insurance, and trip cancellation insurance in case of unforeseen circumstances including sickness or injury due to circumstances including a fall or an avalanche. In the unlikely event of an emergency in the field, participants may be responsible for costs associated with a rescue. Guests have had good experiences with Tugo and Global Rescue in the past. If using Global Rescue and your trip is over 15,000ft, please ensure you have the "High Altitude Evacuation Package".

Medical Information

If you have any medical condition or injury that may compromise the safety of yourself or others, please let me know when you fill out the Registration Form before payment. Should I determine that you are not capable of completing the program safely, or that your condition may compromise the safety of others, you may not be allowed to participate and I will not process your payment. You will also be required to fill out a medical form when signing your waiver.

Transportation and Food 

Transportation and food are not included with trips or courses unless stated otherwise (eg. lodge trips and expeditions), so please ensure you arrange this in advance. Dietary restrictions/allergies may be subject to extra costs or not possible, so please let us know before booking.

National Park Passes, Lift Tickets and Winter Permits for Canadian Trips

For Canadian trips, National Park Passes are not included. These sometimes need to be arranged in advance. If we choose to use the lifts to access the backcountry from a ski area, lift tickets are not included. If the program includes skiing at Rogers Pass (Glacier National Park), you may be required to obtain a free Annual Winter Permit at least a week in advance, which requires taking a test online.