Get 1:1 coaching on your tracks during the 2 day Art of Up-tracking Course in Revelstoke

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Art of Up-tracking Course
Art of Up-tracking Course in Rogers Pass

Skills you will learn?

  • How to set a constant incline
  • When and where to turn
  • How to maximise your efficiency
  • When and how to kick turn
  • When to boot-pack
  • Tips to avoid crevasses
  • How to make an efficient track in a white-out
  • How to manage hard and slippery snow


Alex Geary is an ACMG/IFMGA Mountain Guide, with over 20 years experience ski touring all over the world including Alaska, The Andes, The European Alps, Norway, Australia, New Zealand and Canada.


  • AST 2, CAA 1, or equivalent skills and experience.
  • Strong ski/snowboard skills to be able to manage complex terrain.
  • Good fitness to break trail for extended periods of time in deep snow.


We will spend two days in the field learning and practicing how to make efficient skin tracks.

The Art of Up-Tracking Course

By request

Max 4:1 ratio

$TBC + 5% GST

E-Transfer to [email protected] is the preferred method of payment. Please make sure you have read through the booking conditions and completed the Registration Form below before making a payment.

art of up-tracking handbookTHE ART OF UP-TRACKING Handbook

Included with the course above


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"It's honestly opened my eyes to how much extra energy I was inputting and how brutal of a track I was laying for others with less energy haha"  (Taylor Livingstone)

"Alex's creating an efficient uptrack was very helpful for an old timer like me. It reinforced skills and taught me some new ones. I particularly liked the training - with eyes closed and feeling your legs. Alex has a good way about him and ensured safety and skill development and we even got in some nice turns. Even with many ski touring years under my belt, I felt this course was worthwhile."   (Dave Conly)